Paranoia, a game that I'm yet to play, is in fact the game that got me into roleplaying. I think most people hear the word "roleplaying" and immediately think D&D which puts them off trying (I'm with you, way too much maths involved in that game). When a friend told me about Paranoia. I knew this was a game I had to play.

The premise is that mankind has retreated to biodomes and entrusted the safety of all to a computer who over the years has became a bit senile and well paranoid.

Mutants, communists (Yep its American) and secret societies are completely forbidden and traitorous.

The only problem is that everyone is a mutant nowadays and almost everyone is in a secret society... so I guess its off to food processing for you to be, well processed.

Don't worry you have clones.

You are tasked as a new Troubleshooter, someone that finds trouble and shoots it. You are security cleanance red and thats all you need to know (seriously thats all, knowing the rules is even treatous in this game)

Games are comedy oriented with a pinch of backstabbing as you effectively kill of other members as manipulatively and sneakily as possibly without showing that you are a traitor as well.

This is another game I'm getting to play at this years uk games expo and can't wait. I just hope we get more than the regular 5 clones or myself and my mate won't be at the table long.

I think were both gunning to kill at least one of the other persons clones within a minute.