I would say that sliced bread can move over but "Its the greatest thing since the Shadowrun Digital tools box" is a bit of a mouth full to say.

This box is brilliant and well worth the money.

Everything is taken care of for you.

  • Characters [x5] w/ backstories
    • Even a single player plot to get you used to the character
  • Plots [x7]
    • Some people will be used to like Food fight and some brand new ones
    • Random plot hooks
    • Help on creating your own runs
  • Maps
  • Quick sheet references
  • Quick start rules

With the addition of Roll20 now supporting character sheets there's no reason why you can just set up the maps, get some mates into the campaign and literally read from the book.

That's a month of planning set up in a day. Also the walk through guide for sessions with the corresponding game mechanics is something that every rule book should have. It means you learn Shadowrun through example.