This article tries to sprout fire that everyone hates ORM's and that real developers should know SQL. That's true, that they should have an understanding of what's going on under the hood but ORM's aren't bad.

Like how the article mentions SQL databases still have their place even with the growing trend in NoSQL solutions. So do ORM's, their lacking performance speed compared to hand written stored procedures is due to the fact that they have to cater for all kind of scenarios rather than one problem. With anything generic it looses precision.

We all know Entity Framework is slower than stored procs but I think most people can crack out a very well developed site using that within a day rather than the pain that it would take to write up each individual crud operation that would be needed in SQL.

Unfortunately nodejs doesn't have Entity Framework and this is where this article is kind of helpful.

It breaks down what is needed to create a good data abstraction layer in your solution and shows node modules that can help.