For those that don't know what VirtuaCon is, it's a virtual conference dedicated to rpgs across the world. It has a number of panels from industry guest speakers/world-class GMs and boasts over 85 games being ran over the weekend.

The article linked has few panels from the conference and many more can be found on Youtube. Very interesting videos explaining the types of players GMs have to deal with to getting people into gaming.

One of the reasons I didn't "attend" VirtuaCon though was simply because of how unprofessional it seems. All organisation was done by the rpggeek website and even sign up was done via it. That website looks old and for lack of a better word looks "dodgy". Hopefully for next year they will have developed enough of a following for them to create there own website that is on par with some of the other conferences out there. There is no real need for them not to become a high standard gig.