Blades in the dark is a industrial fantasy rpg by John Harper. You might be asking, "What on earth is industrial fantasy?" Basically its gaslight level technology mixed with fantasy elements such spirits or magic. In blades in the dark you play the scum of the city trying to beat, corrupt or sneak their way to the top. Basically Blades in the Dark is Thief.... if Garrett had bothered to work as part of a gang.

Now I'm no salesman, so for a better pitch take a look at the kickstarter page.

The article linked is a playtest of the game and a run through review. It really seems like this game is shaping up to be the rpg I wanted to run when I got into this hobby.

My background in gaming on consoles/pc is all stealth related, practically raised on thief and countless hours have been lost to the Splinter Cell series as well as the ninja stealth Tenchu games. Even Tenchu Z I thought was quite good.

When I eventually got into GM'ing, I chose Wu Xing: The ninja crusade attempting to recreate the video games style of stealth which didn't translate over well. I think with the mechanics I've been listening/reading about, Blades in the Dark should be able to create some really interesting scenarios from thefts to something even the murder hobos in my group can enjoy.