Discussion on why frameworks such as React or Angular are bad in the long run.

Although this mostly focuses on how good ideas get tied to frameworks rather than themselves being an independent solution, it worth noting the problems with performance.

The initial load time for these applications is increased because of things going on behind the scene. Compared to vanilla JavaScript on a mobile device you can tell the difference. In an age where people have high broadband speeds, the average user is still connecting over mobile internet the majority of the time.

These frameworks are all like fads, a year or so ago it was backbone vs knockout. Now we have Angular vs React.

Its probably not the end of the world for big companies if their framework isn't used but if they want it to be for other business related reasons (having a popular framework is good advertisement in the tech industry) then its in their own interest if they split their frameworks into modulised compoinents... with all the branding and buzz words they want.