Steam today revealed its pre-order for its new console, Steam Machine. This is the first time the gaming vendor has ventured into the console market and will have to rival Sony as well as Microsoft.

Considering it has the ability to play the entirety of your steam catalogue its no wonder there has been some hype.

So what makes this different to just getting another Xbox or PlayStation. For me its got to be the modding community, the PC gaming industry is basically built on it. I'm still playing nearly decade old games because of this community. Before I took the dive to Skyrim, I was playing Morrowind (2002) with the same graphics as the newest game because of individuals that had painstakingly upgraded each piece of art in the game. This is what will take Steam from being noteworthy to a real rival in this market.

People know they can trust Steam and PC games*, not a lot can be said for big game publishers that I will not name but the definitely have a E and a A in there company title.