I think a lot of people nowadays know of bitcoin. They probably understand the concept, that it's a digital currency and its used globally.

Out of those people, I bet the average person with Microsoft Word/Email level knowledge of computers has no idea how to buy or use bitcoins.

Don't worry. Its difficult and even I myself struggle when it comes to trying to sell back bitcoins as it becomes more like dealing with financial shares.

But if bitcoin is so great, why would you try and sell them back into a common currency? Well if you're not a trader who is trying to make money off the fluctuation in price then the main reason you're probably wanting to sell is because you couldn't find anything to buy with them... Bitcoin can be used to buy a lot on the internet such as website domains or computer parts, even peoples expertise if you use fiverr but its rarely everyday things. 

This is where shift comes in. Finally someone has got their act together and started working with a transaction company, Visa in this case. At least one card in your wallet will be a Visa debit card. These cards are widely used by banks and can be used at most shops. Meaning the amount of things you can buy with bitcoin just became pretty much anything. Which is great for more universal acceptance of bitcoin!

Now before you go running off to get your $10 shift card have a look at the fees. If your in the US or dealing with US dollar transactions, your golden and it costs you nothing. For everyone else in the world. Its a 3% fee. Probably best to hold off until the company becomes a bit more international like the currency its basing its business off.