Unfortunately I don't actually speak Arabic. آسف. Then again there are plenty of people that don't speak English.

Programming has came a long way since the days of Ada Lovelace and is used by people all around the world. 

Yes, software uses a syntactic language. Which means a developer who isn't a native English speaker can choose to learn the programming language rather than English itself. But that doesn't mean people who can speak English don't have a natural advantage.

Nowadays you can get a JavaScript compiler for pretty much any other programming language e.g. Python, Ruby. So why not a compiler for other languages? This is what Ramsey Nasser has done with قلب which allows him to program in Arabic and then compile the code into normal Javascript so it can be ran anywhere.

This closes the language barrier and removes another issue that may be stopping people from learning to code. Hopefully other people will take note and start a movement to translate programming languages. His code is up on github so go take a look.