This author has obviously had it bad and plans to write about how he improved his team to be more Agile.

If you don't know what Agile is, you can read about it here. Its a set of ideas in order to help manage a software project.

The problem is Agile has became a buzz word and is never implemented correctly because of one main reason. People need things done. The rewards for writing unit tests or code freezes at the end of sprints are rarely seen because they are harder to quantify over finishing more features.

For many companies full Agile can never be implemented but there are a few things to make sure a project flows smoother.

  1. Always communicate. Generally a stand up isn't needed if you can chat to everyone in your team openly. If two teams work closely with each other then a stand up is definitely recommended in order to share concerns.
  2. Track issues transparently. Make sure that everyone can see what stage an issues is at, even customers/users. A red curtain over what your team is working on does not help anyone. With full transparency issues that diverge from what people actually want can be spotted earlier.
  3. Make issues bitesized. We all know things change but if you take the time to clearly spec out what you want and make it modular it can be implemented into the project with a minimum of knock on affect. 
  4. Take your time to test. It may sound like a stupid idea but if everyone on your team stopped to test instead of working on features for just half an hour every two weeks. All the recent features you've implemented could be tested thoroughly to give you peace of mind before starting something new.