Is nodejs' open source community the best one out there? No. Of course not. It's had it's ups and downs as well as it's share of crazy zealots.

I think what this article skips over is not what nodejs does for the open source community but what it allowed.

In the past. The open source community had a lot of very talented people working in their restricted programming languages. Someone would make a revolutionary framework in Python that could not be easily shared with the benefits of another developer that made their breakthroughs in Ruby for example.

With nodejs this changed. Although most developers had JavaScript as a common language before. There was no real reason to make frameworks for it unless they were front end related. Nodejs being server side and undiscovered territory in JavaScript meant developers could make new frameworks with all the knowledge they had gained but without all the legacy code holding them back. It also meant for the first time they could work with other developers they may not have ever got the chance to work with because of differences in career.

With nodejs, you have the best minds combining their efforts to make a server that's accessible to every programmer that touches the web in some way.