Lately I've witness some weird behaviour from recruiters. One just endorsed me on LinkedIn for knowing PHP... I don't know it, and another was a Microsoft recruitment specialist that didn't know what Entity Framework was. 

I think with anything you should know the field you're in and that includes recruiters, so I went online to find something. Anything that could help new developers and people interested know what they should learn when it comes to c# web development.

As you can see from the lack of article linked that there is actually nothing on the internet that gives you a checklist of what you should learn. No wonder new recruiters are struggling to know what is need for a developer position.

This list comes from my own personal experience as a Full Stack c# Web Developer but is my recommended basics. If you struggle with anything. Remember there is a large c# community on Stack Overflow ready to help.

  • Understand the basics of webpages

Learn HTML 5, CSS and basic JavaScript

  • Understand the basics of c#

C# is a strongly typed language and stricter than JavaScript. MVC (re-branding to Asp.Net Core) is the default Microsoft solution for web development and used by majority of companies. Although now built into the MVC framework you may also want to look into Asp.Net WebApi. It works like MVC but is used for setting up REST api's.

  • Database access frameworks

The default solution for .net is Entity Framework using a SQL Server database. This isn't always the case so it is worth learning the basics of SQL as well.

The above is all you need to get started as a c# Web developer. If you want to get yourself ready for production level programming here are a few framework names you can google.