The customer may not "always be right" but a community full of discussions can make it pretty clear where a product is going wrong.

This kind of natural discussion is a gold mine of ideas. Unfortunately many feel that Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, have failed to listen to peoples concerns.

This shows heavily in the decline of users and user ratings of the app since the three-step bug was introduced. It has since been "fixed" by removing the functionality completely. This is not exactly a fix by any stretch of the imagination.

As one of the developers at PokeVision tweeted "You don't invent Marco Polo, get 80M players to join, then remove the Polo part and expect people to keep playing." @YangCLiu

To begin with people attributed Pokemon Go to Ingress with Pokemon. Now people are simply calling it a glorified paper toss simulator.

The fact that its Pokemon doesn't seem enough to keep the attention of players anymore.