If you're travelling to a non-English friendly country in the near future, this app is going to be a must. Microsoft is releasing not just another Google Translate, but an AI translator that translates real-world speech. And the best part: it's powered by human brains. We teach the app spoken conversation. 

This app runs on Apple, Android, and works together with Apple Watches and Android gear. It handles the complexity of human interaction better that an ordinary translator. So if you're someone, like me, who gets frustrated by normal translation apps, - because they're utterly annoying sometimes - then this might just be your solution. 

The Microsoft Translator app is where I see the future of language. A future where a multi-language barrier is no longer existent. There's more potential now for cultural immersion, and travelling can be more enjoyable while international business can be facilitated. This might connect humanity in ways we've never seen before.