Black Box Driven Development or BBDD or Revealing Module pattern's next stage of evolution is a pattern that helps to modularise your code so that it can be tested and maintained easier.

In the beginning JavaScript had soup and out of the JQuery soup came the module pattern. This primitive pattern came with all kinds of functionality and concepts that its brethren, known as "the other lanaguages", had had for millennia. Over time this pattern gained its beauty and grew wings as the revealing module pattern and the gods looked down on coding creation and they were happy, for the time being.

JavaScript genesis aside, the revealing module pattern is good. It keeps your private stuff hidden and generally keeps to the four pillars of OO. The idea of the black box is to grow on this pattern and make it more useful for testing and maintainability. The article is a nice read and shows examples of how to make your code more flexible. In the example it takes a section of code that could only be tested one way and breaks it down into its primitive functions so that each part can be tested individually.

For once as well this article has comments that are actually thought provoking and worth a gander at.