So if you read this April fools it explains clearly why windows 9 got skipped... ok not really but it is funny.

Any way so Microsoft announced that it is starting Windows 10 and yes it looks exactly like Windows 7.

How on earth is this a bad thing?

The article tries to belittle the fact that Microsoft isn't trying anything new and is playing it safe. Has anyone used any other OS, they're doing fine. As far as userability goes, Microsoft's' Windows 7 is the easiest out there. Every time I have to use a Mac's file system it makes me want to self harm. Even the scrolling is counter intuitive in that system. I haven't used Ubuntu or Fedora in awhile and the system updates fast but their file system wasn't much fun either.

Let the Apple companies of the world do the new stuff while Microsoft plays it safe. If they invent anything new, Microsoft can copy it and make it better suited for a more professional environment.

They tried doing something they weren't, in an attempt to get a share of Apple's market and look what we got... Windows 8.